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Think your team is happy? Know now with Maxwell.

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Our A.I. solves knowledge management so everyone is the smartest one in the room

AskRadar's A.I. delivers the right expert answer, right now.

How AskRadar works

Our best-in-class A.I. finds and shares human intelligence across your company

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Radar analyzes the question 

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My potential client wants to know if we ship to Japan?

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Get connected with a colleague

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Hey! We do as long as they order at least 500 units.

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Get lightning fast answers

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Perfect timing!! Just closed the sale! Thank you!

Time is your greatest asset.
Let us give you more of it.

Did you know that people spend more than 5 hours a week waiting for answers? Radar’s easy-to-use dashboard provides real-time data from the inside out, allowing you to see where your valuable time is spent.

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Don't just take our word for it


Every time I get pulled into a new project I realize how many questions I need fast answers to. It takes days of wasted time before I get the answers I need. Radar sounds like a lifesaver!

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How many times do our leaders ask, “do you have any blockers?” and we know deep down inside that we have a thousand “blockers” in the form of unanswered questions. I need Radar!

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I’m always scared to skip up and down the chain of command asking questions until I find someone with the answer. It seems like Radar completely solves that issue for me!

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Become a beta customer today!

Radar Beta customers get exclusive access to the invaluable time and money-saving benefits that Radar provides in your company. Sign up today, and help us make everyone the smartest one in the room

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