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Is Your Remote Team Truly Happy?

Ditch the guesswork. Discover real sentiments with Maxwell.

No credit card required.

Mood Recognition A.I. that Understands Your Team

 Get actionable insights about your team's mood, collaboration, productivity and engagement levels.

How does it work?

Install Maxwell in Slack

Install in your Slack workspace in less than one minute flat! 

Maxwell gets straight to work

Receive insights on your team's mood within the first week.

No interruptions...ever

Sit back and relax while Maxwell silently analyzes public Slack conversations.


Unmasking Workplace Challenges

From Ignored Surveys to the Rise of 'Quiet Quitters'
Maxwell isn't just another tool.
It's your guide to a harmonious workspace.

Securely receive Engagement Reports on your team's mood with Maxwell's sentiment analysis system.

Provide your team with targeted support and improve team engagement, collaboration, and productivity.

Maxwell's advanced A.I. algorithms analyze public Slack channel data to deliver you actionable insights.

 If it’s a dumpster fire, you’ll know. If they’re happy, you’ll know.

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Built with Security & Privacy
at the Forefront

The team behind Maxwell does not have access to your conversations, and we never export messages from your channels. We also protect your identity so no one can track conversations to a specific colleague. 

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Disgruntled Employees Are Costly

Not only do they poison your company culture, but losing them all together could cost you hundreds of thousands in recruiting & training costs

Data below is provided by Gallup:










Want to reverse these numbers
and keep your people happy?


Don't Just Take Our Word For It


Relying on outdated employee surveys used to leave me in the dark, often leading to reactive decisions. With Maxwell, I've shifted to a proactive stance. I now know the undercurrents of my portfolio companies in real-time, and it has immensely improved my strategic approach. It's like having a clear window into the company's soul."


— Priya S., Senior VC Partner

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I always believed that to lead effectively, one must be in tune with their team's emotions and concerns. Relying on traditional surveys was like trying to catch up with a moving train. Maxwell has provided me with timely insights, enabling me to respond to challenges and opportunities alike with precision."


— Anthony P., Managing Partner

Professional Male

In a startup, where every moment counts, Maxwell has been our silent partner. It's given us a clear and unfiltered view into our team's feelings and thoughts. Gone are the days of making assumptions based on gossip or sending out occasional surveys, hoping people would respond. Now we're not only keeping our finger on the pulse but also build a healthy company culture."


— Cary K., Co-founder & COO

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Your Real-time Silent Observer

Dive deep into your team's mood without interrupting them, all through unbiased sentiment analysis from public Slack conversations.

  • Mood

  • Collaboration

  • Productivity

  • Engagement


No credit card required.

Maxwell Security FAQ's

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Unlock Your Team's True Sentiments. Install Maxwell Now.

No credit card required.

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