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Are Your Employees Truly Engaged?

Ditch the delays and guesswork. Make real-time, informed decisions based on your own employee engagement now with Maxwell.

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Maxwell gets straight to work
Receive real-time insights on your employee engagement levels within the first week without employee survey requests, pulse surveys, or employee interruptions.
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Make informed decisions 
Make actionable, timely, and data-driven decisions without delays and outdated and skewed annual employee engagement survey results.
Real-Time A.I. Powered Employee Engagement Tracking
Get actionable insights about your team's morale, collaboration, productivity and levels of engagement.


Enter Maxwell. 

Your real-time tool for measuring employee engagement levels. Dive deep into your key employee engagement metrics without interrupting them, all safely and anonymously through unbiased sentiment analysis from messaging conversations. See employee engagement scores and levels of employee engagement - leading to actionable and valuable insights in effectively managing your employee engagement strategy. 

No credit card required.


How Maxwell Works...


Engagement Dashboard

When you first login to Maxwell, you will see your Engagement Dashboard display. In the top section you select a specific Channel and Timeframe to see your results for overall Engagement, Mood, Collaboration, and Productivity. In the lower Trendlines section you can see your data broken down by Timeframe, Engagement, Mood, Collaboration, and Productivity. 


Notes: for new users, data will typically take up to 2 weeks to initially populate your reports. Free users will also be limited in reporting data provided and can upgrade to full reporting access at anytime. 

Conversation Breakdown

The second option on your left-side menu is the Conversation Breakdown dashboard which allows you to once again select by specific Channel and Timeframe to see Conversation Mood and Trending Words being used by your employees. The lower Conversation Analysis provides ANONYMOUSLY tracked conversations that can be searched and reported on by keywords, phrases, and tone


Notes: Free users will be limited in reporting data provided and can upgrade to full reporting access at anytime. . 


Manage Channels

On the left-side menu, below the Manage Reporting section (which allows you to download data and customize your dashboard views) is the  Manage Channels section. In this section you can monitor the activity levels of each channel you are tracking as well as quickly remove and add new channels by selecting the "Add New Channel" link at the bottom of the screen. 

Video: See How Maxwell Works

Want to see a brief overview / demo of the Maxwell system? Click on the link to the left as we walk you through a short tour of the system and how it works. Need a more detailed demo? Then contact us today to arrange for a live demo...

Employees Are Costly

Over two-thirds of employees indicate that they are not engaged with their work - costing businesses billions each year in lower productivity, lower profitability, higher absenteeism, and higher turnover costs. 

Every day HR leaders and people managers deal with challenges related to employee retention, employee feedback management, employee engagement levels, employee turnover rates, employee satisfaction, employee loyalty, employee morale, employee performance management, job satisfaction rates, and how to create a company culture that fosters engaged employees. All of these impact your ability to create an effective employee engagement strategy for your organization. 

Data below is provided by Gallup:


Higher Absenteeism


Lower Productivity


Lower Profitability

Want to reverse these numbers and keep engaged employees?

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With Maxwell, I've shifted from reactive to proactive. It's like having a clear window into my company's soul.

Priya S.

Senior VC Partner

The Benefits of Measuring Employee Engagement

Measuring employee engagement beyond traditional employee engagement surveys is a critical aspect of organizational management, providing valuable insights into various facets that directly impact overall workplace dynamics. Job satisfaction, a cornerstone of employee engagement, reflects the contentment and fulfillment individuals derive from their roles. By incorporating employee engagement tools like Maxwell along with surveys, feedback mechanisms, and performance evaluations, organizations can gauge job satisfaction levels, allowing for targeted strategies to enhance the employee experience. This approach fosters a positive workplace culture where employees feel valued, contributing to higher emotional connection with their work and peers.

Retention rates are a key indicator influenced by employee engagement, particularly the satisfaction of employees in their roles. Measuring and understanding retention rates helps organizations identify trends and implement effective strategies to retain top talent. Satisfied employees are more likely to stay engaged in their work and committed to their current positions, contributing to a higher employee retention rate. Moreover, aligning professional development opportunities with company values and employee aspirations becomes crucial. Employee engagement initiatives that focus on continuous learning and skill development not only contribute to individual professional growth but also play a pivotal role in elevating overall levels of employee engagement.

The concept of workplace culture is intricately tied to employee engagement, and measuring key metrics like the employee engagement rate offers a quantitative assessment of the organization's success in this area. By regularly tracking employee engagement rates in real-time with tools like Maxwell, organizations can identify trends and assess the effectiveness of various initiatives aimed at boosting engagement levels. Understanding the drivers of engagement, such as alignment with company values and meaningful professional growth opportunities, enables organizations to tailor strategies to meet the unique needs of their workforce. This data-driven approach ensures that employee engagement is not just a theoretical concept but a measurable and actionable aspect of organizational success.

In conclusion, measuring employee engagement goes beyond a mere statistical exercise; it is a strategic imperative for organizations seeking sustained success. Through a comprehensive understanding of job satisfaction, employee experience, emotional connection, retention rates, professional development opportunities, and workplace culture, organizations can create an environment that nurtures satisfied employees. A focus on key metrics and the continuous evaluation of the employee engagement rate empowers organizations to adapt and evolve their strategies, ensuring that their workforce remains engaged, motivated, and aligned with the company's values and vision.

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