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Installing Maxwell

Signup / Setup: Initial signup and setup should only take a few minutes to complete and requires no contractual commitment or credit card number to get started. Please complete the following 5 steps and if you need any assistance, please email for help.

1.) Register

Register for the first time at: and complete the registration form as seen to the right.

2.) Connect To SLACK

Once you login, you will be prompted to connect Maxwell to your version of Slack. Click on the blue “Connect a Slack Workspace” button at the bottom to proceed.

3.) Select Your SLACK Workspace

On the next screen, select the workspace you want to initially connect to on the upper right of the screen and select the green “Allow” button to complete.


4.) Select FREE Trial

Once you initially access the system, select the “Start FREE Premium Trial” to upgrade your account free for full system features and access.

5.) Start FREE Trial

Finally, enter your email address once again and click on the blue “Start Trial” button below. NOTE: As a lighthouse client, you WILL NOT be billed once your trial ends. We will contact you at that point to determine if you want to continue using the system or cancel your usage.



You are now set up and ready to go! Make sure to bookmark this report page in your browser and once data begins to populate into the system, you will start seeing results and data after the first week. Until then, you will see a screen similar to this one until enough of your data has been processed for reporting.

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